gone home

Gone Home

Gone Home

Gone Home has become one of my favorite short story based video games. I have played Gone Home a few times, and I love it each time. It does become challenging each time, because I enjoy the exploration aspect more than just rushing through the story. The first time I have ever played this game, I immediately thought it was going to be a horror/suspense game based on the picture. After my first gameplay, I realized that Gone Home is about following your heart, growing up, and discovering yourself through new experiences.

SUMMARY: Kaitlin comes home from Europe, to discover her parents and sister Samantha is nowhere to be found. While exploring and trying to find answers of her family’s whereabouts, Kaitlin starts to pick up clues about Sam and her relationship with Lonnie through a series of journal entries.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Gone Home is truly a heartfelt story. Gone Home shows that it is okay to develop same-sex relationships, learn about yourself, and discover that you are never alone. A story that I believe we all need right now. It is a short game; took me 2 hours to complete. You can complete Gone Home in less than half a day. The story is immersive, the music is beautiful, and you will immediately start to connect with the characters. I highly recommend Gone Home to everyone.

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