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Coming Back To Apex Legends

So….. Have you ever tried a new game for the first time, then walked away and forgot about it for a while?

well that happened to me, and my relationship with Apex Legends. The first time I heard about Apex Legends was on IGN Daily Fix during my commute to work. I was very excited and intrigued at the same time. Normally, I gravitate towards RPGs, Third-Person Shooters, Visual Novels, and games with a compelling storyline. I thought to myself; “If I am comfortable constantly playing Overwatch, then I will definitely will be comfortable with Apex Legends.”

The first day of the release of Apex Legends, it took some time to get the strategy of the game; aiming, gun shooting, special abilities, etc. I also learned that Apex Legends is a three on three community battle royale. But, sometimes teammates have that “every person for themselves” kind of mentality and just go solo; which is okay. Some people just like to play by their own rules, or just used to battle royale shooters like PUBG or Fortnite.

Confession: I am not the best Apex Legends player. I am that kind of player who wonders around collecting supplies and guns, and continues to run around aimlessly in hopes to get that one shot. Although I do try to stay with the group, as I stated before “every person for themselves.” Then my confidence in Apex Legends worsen, when I started watching other twitch and YouTube streamers who have this game down to a science. flawlessly getting in shots, and becoming champions. I started to wish I was good just like them.

With submitting to defeat after a week of playing Apex Legends, I decided to uninstall the game from my PS4, and just stick to my comfort zone games. Let the pros have their shine.

I uninstalled Apex Legends 5 months ago.

Today 7/3/2019, I reinstalled Apex Legends on my PS4, just to try and give it another chance. Plus, I want to try and unlock as many characters as I can, especially Wattson. To be completely honest, I actually like this game. Scrub away all my insecurities about comparing myself to the pros; I am actually having fun. Still no kills, but at least my teammates are better and I can work with them. I just need to remember to have fun and not buckle down so much under pressure. It will get better.

I also need to remember that it takes time and practice to find my groove in Apex Legends. Just like real life, it takes time and motivation to get better….. one step at a time :)

If you have any Apex Legends tips and strategies, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)