My Homeless Shelter Story

My Homeless Shelter Story

Hey Beauties & Geeks! This is it! My long awaited story that I have been wanting to share with you after my 6 month short term experience in the homeless system from 2018. It has been a year, so I think it is safe to say that I can truly share how my family and I transitioned out of the homeless shelter into an apartment of our own.

Key Details That I forgot to Mention:

  • The main chief detective from the Domestic Violence department heard about the incident between myself and my uncle. The detective explained to me that the officer who threaten to have my daughter taken away from me, wrote in his summary report that I WAS THE ONE WHO WANTED TO DROP THE CHARGES AGAINST MY UNCLE- which is a complete lie. I explained to the chief detective the actual details of the altercation, as well as the threats the officers made towards me. The detective believed me, and apologized profusely for the things said to me. He gave me the option to have my uncle arrested for domestic violence, but my family told me to just let it go- out of fear that my uncle and my grandmother would lie to the detective again, and would have my daughter taken away from me.

  • I presently no longer speak to my grandmother, my uncle and his family, and family on my grandmother’s side. I have cut all of these people out of my life for good. They also no longer have contact to see or speak to my daughter.

    Hope this makes my story more clear. Thank you listening. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)