Grid Geek: History of Deadpool

Wade Wilson was a delinquent in his teenage years to spite his abusive father. One night while drinking with his friends, Wade's father attempt to take him out of the club, when one of Wade’s friends stole his Fathers handgun and killed Wade’s father.

Wade began his mercenary career in his late teens, Accepting assassination jobs only against those whom he felt deserved death. If a mission failed, wade would create a new identity using plastic surgery with advanced technology. Wade was later hired by Middle Eastern interests to assassinate a blind British government operative named Blind Al, but upon arrival at the Zaire base where she was stationed, he killed everyone except for Al who had fled.

Due to Wade’s assignment failure, his middle eastern employers sought vengeance by targeting Vanessa, who was rescued by Zoe Culloden, an employee of an interdimensional firm.

Wade broke up with Vanessa after learning he had cancer. He did not want her to live with the grief of staying with a terminally ill man. He was offered an opportunity to cure his cancer at department K in Canada; a special weapons development branch of the Canadian government. 

Wade became a test subject in Department K’s branch of the joint U.S./Canadian superhuman enhancement project, the Weapon X Program; his cancer was temporarily cured from the implantation of a healing factor derived from another Department K agent. As a result, he was rejected from the Weapon X Program and sent to Hospice, a government facility where failed superhuman operatives are treated.

Hospice patients served as experimental subjects for Doctor Killebrew and his assistant Ajax. Hospice patients placed their bets in a "deadpool" to see how long each patient would live. 

Doctor Killebrew subjected Wade to various torturous experiments. Wade formed a semi-romantic relationship with the cosmic entity Death, who regarded him as a kindred spirit. After surviving through Doctor Killbrew’s torturous experiments, Wade returned to his freelance mercenary activities, with a costume, and his new identity Deadpool.

Seeking a new place for himself, Deadpool briefly shared an apartment with Titania and the Constrictor. However, Titania proved to be Copycat in disguise, and the apartment was destroyed by the Wizard and the Taskmaster, both seeking revenge on Deadpool. Deadpool ultimately worked alongside Cable, but always find each other at odds.

Deadpool’s special abilities are superhuman healing factor, cellular regeneration structure, virtual immunity, armed and unarmed combat, assassination techniques, 
Advanced marksman, and advanced swordsman.