Grid Geek: History Of Nick Fury

Nick Fury was an army sargent and legendary hero. He fought in Europe with his best friends Red Hargrove and Timothy “dum dum” Dugan under the command of Lt. Samuel Sawyer. Unfortunately Red Hargrove was murdered on December 7, 1941 in the attack of Pearl Harbor. During world war 2, Nick Fury fought the nazis in northern africa, then later retired along with Captain Sawyer. After their retirement, Captain Sawyer made Nick fury the leader of the US ranger squad known as the Howling Commandos.

The Howling Commandos worked with Captain America and James “Bucky” Barnes, who became significant allies. During a mission, Nick Fury's left eye was damaged by a granade and aggravated the wound due to lack of medical care. Professor Sternberg gave Nick Fury the infinity formula, which slows down aging abilities. He must inject the infinity formula in order to stay alive.

Nick Fury was selected as director of shield, an international intelligence agency equipped with state of the art technology provided by Tony Stark. He recruited many members of the Howling Commandos, including Timothy “dum dum” Dugan. Nick Fury faced many enimies such as Hydra, Aim, Scorpio, and Hate Monger. Fury reunited with Capatin America, who survived years in an ice chamber. Nicky fury is the only officer who has extensive knowledge in the existance of 28 emergency procedures, covert bases scattered across the globe, and providing the Anti-Registration faction.

Nick fury's abilities are demolitions expert and vehicle specialist, unarmed, and armed combat expert.