Introducing Orisa: Overwatch Newest Hero

She is finally here! Well....... She was available last week Tuesday, but none the less she is here!

Orisa is finally available to play on Overwatch. I am super excited! Since the announcement of Orisa, I saw first-hand her features, abilities, and gameplay from PC gamers (console gamers- such as myself had to wait later). I was too excited, I wanted to test out her features at that exact moment- but again, console gamer. In the meantime, I learned more about Orisa through Overwatch's animated short here.

As soon as I heard the announcement that she is a playable character for everyone, I immediately updated Overwatch and spent time playing with her. I had so much fun battling with her. She is definitely on my main Overwatch roster. Here is a short gaming Livestream as playing with Orisa.

What are your thoughts on Orisa? Have you battled with her on Overwatch? share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for watching! Be Beautiful & Geeky :)

YouTube Livestream: https://youtu.be/TJRGHDPPVe8