Tea Time with BeautyLifeGeek: My Experience With Maker Studios

I wanted to share my horrible/nightmare experience with Maker Studios Network, as well as the important lesson I learned from my experience. I signed with Maker Studios in 2013; during the hype and mist of everyone trying to become part of an MCN (Multi-Channel Network) along with a partnership with YouTube.

Being a member of an MCN meant channel growth, more sponsorships, and better financial opportunities. At least that's what they promised when Maker contacted me to join their network. My video is not intended to bash anyone or Maker Studios. I wanted to share my story, and my journey after being released from Maker.

Here are some points of the lessons I wish I learned from my experience with Maker:

  • Read the contract carefully- If you are not sure, look it over with a professional lawyer
  • If you don't feel comfortable with their pitch or experience, it's okay to walk away
  • Trust yourself when deciding to join any brand deal or MCN
  • You don't have to join to a network, there is no requirement. It's better to work for yourself than trust your hard work in the care of people you don't know

Are you or did you join an MCN Network? share your experince in the comments section. Thanks for watching! Be Beautiful & Geeky :)