Current Podcast Favorites

I love listening to podcasts; they make me feel inspired, laugh, informed, and up-to-date on current events. I am always on the go, with less time to catch up on my favorite shows. My current favorite podcasts are my own form of entertainment while I am at work, or working on blog projects.

This is a list of my current podcast favorites. They made me laugh out loud, feel inspired about life, and just keep me informed on my favorite TV shows. I am always looking for new favorites constantly, but I've been listening to these podcast shows on a consistent basis.

Weekly Shonen Jump

Weekly Shonen Jump concentrates on Shonen Jump manga reviews, Shonen Jump news, and Shonen Jump anime conversations. This podcast is funny, informative, and helps me discover new manga. 


TEDTalks is a video podcast series where writers, scientists, entertainers, and influencers share their stories. Their stories will help you inspire, think about society, or just make you laugh. This is the perfect daily dose of lifestyle podcasting.

Afterbuzz TV

I absolutely love Afterbuzz TV podcast. It keeps me up to date with my current favorite TV shows. As I mentioned previously, I am always working and keeping my blog up to date with various projects. So, when I do have free time, I know what to look forward to when I actually watch my favorite shows.

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

I've heard about Girlboss Radio from a few friends who are fans of this podcast. They are absolutely right! This is a wonderful podcast, and I am now a fan. Girlboss Radio concentrates on interviews with female entrepreneurs who run their own business. Sophia's interviews with these women help me continue growing as a blogger, and be my own boss. 

The Easy Chair with Laura Hurwitz

I discovered The Easy Chair with Laura Hurwitz through my other favorite podcast, If I were You. Laura Hurwitz is a very talented writer, and she invites other talented writers to share their stories. I love listening to her original stories on a weekly basis.

Art of Wrestling

Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana concentrates on the stories and interview with wrestlers; both professional and independent. He also interviews great wrestling veterans. This podcast is more like a conversation piece, than a formal interview.

IGN Anime Club

IGN Anime Club is everything anime! Reviews, conversations, news and updates, and interviews. Every time I listen to IGN Anime Club, I discover new anime shows. It gets overwhelming catching up on the latest anime, but it is totally worth it. YAY ANIME! :) 


Variant is an awesome video podcast to learn about comic book characters and story lines, as well as interviews with various influencers in the comic book industry. I am a huge geek, and need my comic book fix.

Film Riot

Film Riot is a great video podcast to gain film inspiration, learn new tips, and equipment reviews. I learn new ways to improve my video skills for my YouTube channel; such as editing tricks and improve camera quality.

Beauty and the vlog: Erika Vieira

Beauty and the vlog with Erika Vieira concentrates on interviews with top YouTube vloggers and influencers in the beauty & lifestyle community. I learn about their personal stories, how they reached their YouTube success, and ways to grow as a YouTuber. Erika Vieira is an awesome person and a pro; it helps influence me to grow as a YouTuber and blogger.

How Did This Get Made?

This hilarious podcast reviews bad movies, which begs the question: How did this get made? I laugh every time I hear them review horrible movies, sometimes out loud in public. I'm not ashamed!

If I were You

If you are a fan of Jake and Amir, then you are going to love their comedy/advice podcast. They answer questions in the best way possible (well, almost), but they definitely add their own style of helping people.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class shares historical stories and lessons, from all eras of history. I've always enjoyed history in school, so this podcast is right up my alley. I love re-living various eras of history. This podcast keeps it interesting.