Overwatch: Origins Edition

DISCLAIMER: The following review is based on my personal experiences and opinion. It does not reflect the brand or developers of this game. Thank you.

I've looked forward to Overwatch: Origins Edition for months. I've watched all the origin stories of key characters on YouTube, playthroughs, and Livestream battles. I was so excited for overwatch, that I needed to get in on the action. So, my fiance bought a copy of overwatch for me. I spent hours practicing and leveling up my skills.

Under any circumstances, I am not a first-person shooter kind of gamer. I am terrible at first-person shooter or combat. But for Overwatch, I decided to make an exception, and I am glad I did. The graphics are clear, the movements are fluid, and there are plenty of opportunities to level up. I am going to continue to spend more time playing Overwatch. I absolutely enjoyed this game.

Overwatch: Origins Edition


Overwatch: Origins Edition is a group of heroes who banned together to fight evil and crime. You can play as a team or battle each other in a first-person perspective. Each key character has a specific backstory, to learn more about their history and abilities.

My go-to Overwatch Character is Ana: Ana is a support bounty hunter who has the ability to heal allies with biotic grenades. She is the mother of Pharah.   

PROS: The movements are fluid, the graphics are clear and beautiful, and each key character has interesting abilities.

CONS: Depending on internet connection, it takes a while for the servers to connect you to a game

RECOMMENDATION: I would recommend Overwatch: Origins Edition to everyone. If you are a beginner or casual player, there are levels and opportunities to practice your skills. If you are a professional gamer, there are battle opportunities for you to show off your advanced shooter skills.


I love Overwatch: Origins Edition! It is my new addiction. If you ever want to play, just look for me under Grid_Geek. What do you think about Overwatch? leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)