28 and Pregnant

I have achieved a new level in my life: I am 28 and pregnant. I am very excited for this new addition. To be honest, my fiancé and I are nervous, but we are adjusting well to our new baby. We have so much planned for our new family; finding a new home, baby clothes and supplies, doctor’s appointments, etc.

Before I found out that I was pregnant, I had a plan set for myself. I wanted to apply to college for a bachelor’s degree in childhood education and art history/English, work towards a NYS education certification, and find a more stable job as an assistant teacher. I had everything set perfectly for my future. But now with a baby on the way, I am not angry or upset that I have to wait. Think of it as a minor setback; I can always come back to this plan. I have a feeling of optimism for letting go of my little perfect world for someone very special. It feels amazing!

I’m going to be a mother! An actual mother! I don’t have to wish or wonder when my time will come, or at least stop hearing family members asking “when are you going to get married?” or “when will you have a baby?”. I’m still going to work as a children’s tutor, blog, work on my business, as well as produce videos for my YouTube channel. I am never going to give up the things that I love. It’s all about balance and family.

I understand this is a short blog post, but I want to share my pregnancy news, as well as turn my experience (so far) into a blog series. Hopefully, it will help other expecting mothers and gain some insight on your experience. Let’s help each other :)

Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)