Timeless Home Decorating Tips

Author Bio: This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She is passionate about home improvement, beauty, arts, writing, healthy living and entrepreneurship. www.alrug.com  

If you want your home to look timeless then you should set it up in a way where people can’t put a date on it. The decor should fit right in and not look out of place. You should know the difference between timeless trends and fads. Fads are the trends that don’t last long and if you incorporate it in your home decor then you simply end up with a decor that looks outdated. Read on for some tips to decorate your home in a manner that feels timeless. 

1. Go for modular furniture. It has so many functions and so many purposes of what it can do in your space. One of the best things about this kind of furniture is that you can choose the fabric, leather, color, patterns and textures of your own taste. Another benefit of modular furniture is the convenience it provides you when you have to move it in or out. If you have narrow staircases then you can move it piece by piece which gives a lot of relief to the movers or the people who have to do it themselves. If you don’t like it the way it is or this alone is too boring for you then there is so much that you can put with it to make it look different and incorporate your own taste. For example if you want to brighten up your apartment then you can put colorful throw pillows on it to make the colors pop and make your space happy and colorful.

2. When decorating your home it is important to think of your floors as the foundation for your whole room design. Rugs are timeless and they give your home the much needed sophistication and coziness. If you want to make your home warm and welcoming then the best way to do it is by placing area rugs. By choosing a rug that has design elements and colors that are found in the room’s decor then the rug can tie the whole room together. You can match the furniture or paint colors to the highlights in the rug. If you have hardwood floors then the rug will warm up the room and soften the feel in the sound in that room. You can look for hand woven rugs of different colors, styles and patterns online and get the ones that are a best match for your personal taste. 

3. Instead of changing the whole furniture set you can change the fabric of sofas or dining chairs from time to time as the trends change to cut down the cost. This is an inexpensive way to keep your home decor up to date.

4. Choose your art carefully. Art can be an inspiration for you when it comes to painting the room. You can pull out colors from your art and look at different colors to see which one works the best for you and goes with the art that you have put up. 


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5. Place indoor plants in your home. Indoor plants are timeless and they can never go out of fashion. They add a fresh and airy feel to your space. 

6. While setting up your home always remember to keep your own personal taste in mind. If you get something solely to impress others then you’ll get bored of it really quickly so in order to make your home decor timeless incorporate things that reflects your taste so that they remain in your house for a long time and their value is timeless for you. 

7. It is important to get the furniture that will give you the elegance you long for along with comfort. It won’t be timeless if you have to get rid of it in the future because you weren’t able to sit on it comfortably. You should try out furniture before you buy it.