Lubna Ali Khan: How to Start a Raw Food Diet

To lose weight and become healthy you don’t necessarily have to stop eating all together. You can consider going on a raw food diet. The best thing about eating raw is that it’s not restrictive at all. When food isn’t cooked or baked its nutrients and minerals are preserved that are essential for a healthy body. With raw food you can eat to your heart’s content without gaining those extra pounds. So if you’re looking to start a raw food diet here are ways you can do that.

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1. Stock up on fruits and vegetables

The first tip to start a raw food diet is to stock up your pantry with as much fruits and vegetables as you can. This is a lifestyle of abundance so you don’t want to restrict yourself, instead you want to have as much healthy food as you can in your home. The more you stock up your pantry with raw food, the more inclined you’ll be to eat it.

2. Start your day with a smoothie

Make your first meal of the day, a juicer smoothie. This will keep you hydrated and the fruits will keep your sugar level maintained throughout the day which will further control your sugar cravings. There are tones of different recipes for making a healthy smoothie.

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3. Incorporate fruit in your breakfast

Make your second meal of the day a huge platter of fruit. You can pretty much eat any fruit that you want. Make a fruit salad of various fruits if you like eating them that way or just eat one fruit at a time. Make sure you eat enough, because you want to have plenty of carbohydrates to keep you full throughout the day.

4. Eat your dinner in two parts

Start off your dinner with a tiny plate of fruit and in the second part of your dinner have a big vegetable salad. There are plenty of different ways to make salad dressings.

5. Exercise

Be sure to get enough exercise each day to keep you hungry. You want to keep moving in order to keep your body healthy. It has been scientifically proven that exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle. So if you can, get about 20 minutes of exercise everyday.

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6. Educate yourself

It is important to educate yourself as much as you can about eating raw. You should learn about eating raw so that you don’t end up overwhelming yourself. You should be conscious of the food that you put into your body as it will encourage you to switch to a raw food diet.

7. Get enough rest

Get plenty of sleep and rest. Your body, when you first start eating this way, is going to be detoxing a lot. It won’t be used to eating a lot of raw foods like this so you will have perhaps some detox reactions. Keep in mind that this is a restorative diet so you need to get plenty of rest to help your body rejuvenate. 

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Author Bio: This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She blogs at BeautifulYou.com.pk which is a premiere health, beauty and fashion informational portal of Pakistan