All Beauty Water

DISCLAIMER: The following product is based on my own experiences and opinions. I was not paid or sponsored to write this review. This Sample was given to me by All Beauty Water for review purposes. Thank you!

Dealing with dry skin is a complete nightmare. Especially, during winter time. My skin and scalp goes in to dehydration mode, and I have to take extra steps to take care of this problem. On top of everything, I live a very active lifestyle. Blogging, work, traveling, maintain a good health routine, and therapy sessions. Sometimes, I find myself cutting my skincare routine in half due to my active lifestyle.

While researching on BeautyPress for beauty inspiration and review projects, I came across All Beauty Water. This is definitely a new topic to introduce on my blog, and an interesting product to introduce to all of you. If you are a fan of Borba Skincare Water, then you will love All Beauty Water. It's refreshing, hydrating, tastes great, and I noticed my skin feels softer.

Pomegranate Rose and Strawberry Acai are my favorites. They are both light and sweet at the same time. Cucumber Aloe was too sweet for me. I enjoyed the taste, but didn't make it in my top favorites. Overall, I love these waters! A new addition to my lifestyle routine.

All Beauty Water

PROS: Hydrating, refreshing, and very effective for my skin

CONS: Cucumber Aloe was too sweet for me

RECOMMENDATIONS: I would recommend All Beauty Water to everyone! This is a wonderful addition to your everyday skincare/lifestyle routine.

RATING: 5 out of 5


Visit allbeautywater.com and Amazon for more information & order a case of 12. You can also visit these retailers to pick one up in person. Thank you very much All Beauty Water for this amazing opportunity! What is your favorite skincare water or drink? How do you keep up with your skincare routine? leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)