Indivisible Prototype

DISCLAIMER: The following review is based on my personal experiences and opinion. It does not reflect the brand or developers of this game. Thank you.

I learned about Indivisible Prototype from Game Grumps on YouTube, and was instantly intrigued. Seemed liked the type of game I would enjoy. I had to download this game, and try it.

Indivisible Prototype is a brand new RPG game available online, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The Indivisible Prototype team are currently asking for donations to turn this prototype in to a full game on indiegogo.com. To be clear; I was NOT paid or sponsored by the developers and team of Indivisible Prototype to share this information.

I enjoyed this game so much, that I wanted to share this information with you. I genuinely believe they deserve every source of funding to make their dreams come true. I donated and supported this game. I want to see Indivisible happen :)

Indivisible Prototype


Ajna is a young girl with a martial arts background (trained by her father) who discovers the ruins of Indivisible. During her discovery, she teams up with Zebi, Razmi, and Tungar to battle various creatures in the ruins. Ajna, Zebi, Razmi, and Tungar gain weapons and abilities as the game progress.

PROS: Simple and straight-forward mechanics, helpful hints for beginners, interesting characters and their abilities. Jump mechanics are a bit tricky, but takes some time getting used to the rhythm.

CONS: I did not experience any cons

RECOMMENDATIONS: I would recommend Indivisible Prototype to everyone. This is truly a fun RPG and the team deserve your support.

RATING: 5 out of 5

I enjoyed this game so much! I will definitely turn this game into a series. I truly hope this game becomes fully funded. If you want to support this game and donate, visit indiegogo.com. What do you think about Indivisible Prototype? leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading! Be Beautiful & Geeky :)