Dana Gibbs: What To Wear When Meeting The Family

So your boyfriend or girlfriend has invited you to meet his or her parents. How exciting! 

However, the thought of it might be causing you to work up a sweat. “Should I bring flowers? Wine? Should I shake their hands or just awkwardly wave hello?”

And then comes an even bigger question: “What the heck do I wear?!”

Don’t worry about that one. I’ve got you covered. 

No need to thank me.

Here are six outfits, three female and three male, that you can use as a guide to figure out what you should wear when you go meet your SO’s family.

For the ladies:

If you love floral, you will love this look’s main piece, a beige mini skirt with scattered floral patterns. Top off the look with a sweater, heels, statement necklace and wristlet bag and you’re good to go!

Skirt: H&M, $29.95

Sweater: Alloy Apparel, $12.90

Tank top: Uniform Difference, $14.99

Necklace: Herberger’s, $18

Shoes: H&M, $39.95

Bag: AliExpress, $15.81 

Time to break out that red lipstick! Jazz up a striped sweater with a pair of red pants, black hat, leather jacket, black and white bag and a few accessories.


Jacket: Rose Wholesale, $17.79

Sweater: Forever 21, $22.90

Pants: Belk, $24.99

Bag: Rakuten, $19.89

Shoes: Shiekh, $16.97

Hat: AliExpress, $10.60

Necklace: Macy’s, $36

Ring: Eve’s Addiction, $22.40

Lipstick: beauty.com, $9.99 

I’d highly recommend this look if you’re going to church with your significant other’s parents. The navy blue dress has a beige collar, giving the outfit a polished look. Throw on a pair of beige heels along with a few accessories and you’ll be looking like a million bucks!


Dress: Lovely Wholesale, $18.49

Shoes: Kohl’s, $26.99

Bag: Forever 21, $10.90

Hair Bow: Etsy, $4.99

Bracelet: Palm Beach Jewelry, $27.98

Earrings: Younkers, $25

Watch: Overstock, $25.49 


For the gentelmen:

The bright blue sweater gives what would be a bland, colorless outfit a bit of flavor. And don’t forget your watch, because  you don’t want to be late to family dinner!


Sweater: Yes Style, $16.32

Shirt: Boscov’s, $19.99

Pants: H&M, $19.95

Shoes: Target, $29.99

Socks: Sierra Trading Post, $8.21

Watch: Target, $19.99
Belt: Target, $14.99 

Plaid is the boundary between formal wear and business casual. You just can’t go wrong with plaid, or those sneakers for that matter!


Shirt: Boscov’s, $16.99

Jacket: Hollister, $47.97

Pants: Nordstrom, $29.90

Shoes: 6pm, $31.99

Watch: Bang Good, $22.93

Belt: Krisar, $17.95 

Put the “suave” in Rico Suave with this laid back, fedora-enhanced look. Make sure to remove the shades and the hat before greeting your SO’s parents!


Sweater: Big Top Shirt Stop, $22.18

Shirt: Apparel N Bags, $18.89

Pants: Hollister, $25

Hat: Express, $27.93

Shoes: H&M, $49.95

Watch: Rose Wholesale, $4.40

Sunglasses: Express, $20.93 


Putting an outfit together to meet your SO’s parents doesn't necessarily mean you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. You might be able to find some of these pieces in your closet. Mix and match anything you see here! And remember, an outfit isn't complete without a smile, so be sure to flash those pearly whites!

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