Indigena Bake Apple Bliss Sugar Scrub

DISCLAIMER: The following product is based on my own experiences and opinions. I was not paid or sponsored to write this review. This Product was given to me by Indigena at the Beautypress Spotlight Day 2014 event for review purposes. Thank you!

This is my second review for Indigena, and I am very excited to write a review for them again. My first review for Indigena was July 23, 2013, as a contributor for Lucky Magazine: http://bit.ly/1nGh0aE.

I finally met the owner of Indigena Skincare in person, Lisa Walsh. She is a very sweet and wonderful woman. I love that her products are made with all natural products and cruelty free. As I stated in my past blog review, I am on the road to transition to all natural cruelty free skincare products. Since I have eczema, my skin can become very sensitive and activate the eczema if I do not be careful.

I tried Indigena Bake Apple Bliss Sugar Scrub, and I absolutely love it. I love the scent, the sensitivity level, and it is very versatile. I can use this scrub as a quick facial exfoliator while I am traveling, and a lip scrub. I can definitely see and feel this scrub was made with all natural ingredients. Indigenia stays true to their brand, and their integrity.

Indigena Bake Apple Bliss Sugar Scrub

Pros: Softens my skin after each application. Also, it helps get rid of dead skin on my face and lips. The sweet scent of sugar and apples is amazing!

Cons: I did not experience any cons or negative side effects

Recommendations: I would recommend Indigena Bake Apple Bliss Sugar Scrub to everyone with all skin types. It is not harsh on your skin, it clears away dry skin, all natural ingredients, and you will love the baked apple scent.

Ratings: 5 out of 5


I am very happy to work with Lisa Walsh and Indigena again. This is an amazing opportunity, and an amazing product. Visit her website at http://www.indigenaskincare.com/. What do you think about Indigena Skincare? leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky.