Beauty Science Exotic Beauty Beads

DISCLAIMER: The following product is based on my own experiences and opinions. I was not paid or sponsored to write this review. This Sample was given to me by Beauty Science for review purposes. Thank you!

I am a total health nut. I am very conscious about the things I apply on my skin, as well as the food that I eat on a daily basis. Growing up with eczema, I need to be very careful when it comes to beauty products. Some products may work well for my skin, some may not work out so well. I like to change my daily beauty routine, give my skin time to try new experiences.

One thing I do not like to change often is my daily vitamin routine. I have tried many different vitamins since middle school. Specifically, for my hair, skin, and nails. I struggled with dry hair and extra dry skin all of my life. Til this day, I still struggle with this problem. Multivitamins, hair growth vitamins, vitamin gummies. I even tried protein powders which claims you can achieve healthy hair, skin, and nails. Drove me nuts! 

I discovered Beauty Science Exotic Beauty Beads on facebook. I was intrigued by their vitamins. You can take these vitamins as a daily supplement, and apply their oil fusion as a topical skin treatment. Exotic Beauty Beads contain a mixture of Biotin, Argan oil, Coconut oil, and Olive oil for nourished skin and hair. Trust me when I say these vitamins truly works!

 Beauty Science Exotic Beauty Beads

PROS: My skin feels softer, my face looks smooth and clear, and I noticed healthy hair growth. Very light scent on my skin. 

CONS: I did not experience any cons or negative side effects

RECOMMENDATIONS: I would recommend Beauty Science Exotic Beauty Beads to everyone with all skin types. It is all natural, safe for daily use, and multi-functional for girls on the go.

RATING: 5 out of 5


You can purchase Beauty Science Exotic Beauty Beads at your local Sam's Club http://bit.ly/1vwCCMD, or visit their website for a store location near you http://bit.ly/1mlpW7I. I finally found my new favorite daily vitamins. Thank you Beauty Science! Have you tried Beauty Science Exotic Beauty Beads? Would you try their vitamins? leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)